Athletic Brewing Company Code of Conduct

Athletic Brewing is on a mission to positively impact our customers’ health, fitness, and happiness while greatly impacting our communities and environment for the better.

Internally, we have always held our team to a zero tolerance policy in regard to any hate or discrimination of any kind. In sharing these values publicly, we hope to encourage our partners, suppliers, retailers, distributors, and ambassadors to carry forth these same values.

The world is complex, and many of these topics have nuance and sensitivity. By sharing this, we hope to encourage open dialogue - where progress can be made and conversations can be had.

Athletic Brewing will pledge to:

  • Maintain a work environment that enforces zero tolerance for any hate or discrimination based on age, sex, race, religion, orientation, veteran status, disability, parental status, origin, or other.

  • Look to lead with positive intent and mutual respect.

  • We will not tolerate any form of sexual harassment, including non-consensual physical contact or unwanted sexual advances.

  • Aim to have a positive impact and create opportunity for all in our communities.

  • Provide a healthy and collaborative work environment, free of discrimination and bias where our team and partners can thrive

  • Maintain a diverse, inclusive, and professional work environment

  • Investigate honestly and promptly any reports of misconduct regarding our teammates or our partners.

  • Provide a safe work environment for our team - We will not ask any teammate to enter or revisit any establishment that does not respect our values, and we reserve the right to not sell products to any account which disrespects, harasses, or discriminates against an Athletic teammate.

  • Pursue corrective action upon learning of actions that violate our values

  • Be great communicators, and even more importantly, great listeners.

  • Abide by all state, local, and federal laws.

  • Provide training to any of our partners or teammates that are looking for more information in being a better community member. We have partnered with Hollaback for training in 2021, and would welcome anyone to join the sessions who feels they need the resources for their team.

  • Encourage responsible consumption of alcohol (if at all) at industry events 

Going forward, we would like to ask all of our partners to respect and hopefully adopt the same standards and be accountable for the actions of our teams in the world. With pledges and teamwork, we can all take this industry forward - to a place of growth, inclusivity, community and excitement.
Thank you,
The Athletic Brewing Team